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Monday, November 19, 2012

Updated cell therapy index portfolio



This an update of a post originally released October 18.  What has changed is we've added four companies (shown below in red).


There are certainly analysts, traders, and brokers who cover the public segment of the cell therapy industry with much more expertise and experience than I -- among them is Henry W. McCusker of Scimitar Equity (@henryw09 on Twitter).

As part of our tracking of the sector's financial data and trends, we have created a portfolio of public cell therapy companies comprised of the 34 companies listed below (linked to their page on Google Finance).

I've been watching this portfolio since the beginning of the calendar year (January 2012) and have been commenting on its performance as against some of the major indices.  (Oct 8 post and Aug 10 post).  

In addition to these occasional reports I will occasionally report on Twitter (@celltherapyblog) on the stocks in this portfolio which are enjoying the largest gains/losses and which have the largest/smallest trading volumes.  From time-to-time I will aggregate this content into a blog post.     

Symbol         Name
ASTM        Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.
ACTC  Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.
ABH          Angel Biotechnology Holdings Plc
ATHX  Athersys, Inc.
AVMXY Avita Medical Ltd
BHRT  Bioheart, Inc.
BLFS BioLife Solutions, Inc.
BTX          BioTime, Inc.
CBAI         Cord Blood America Inc.
CNDO        Coronado Biosciences Inc.**
CCEL CRYO-CELL International, Inc.
CMXI Cytomedix, Inc.
CYTX Cytori Therapeutics Inc. (USA)
DNDN Dendreon Corporation
FCSC  Fibrocell Science Inc
IMUC  ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd
ISCO International Stem Cell Corp
ISLT          Islet Sciences Inc
LVCLY       Living Cell Technologies **
MEDS Medistem Inc.
MSB          Mesoblast limited
MLM          Molecular Medicine SpA **
NBS          Neostem Inc.
CUR          Neuralstem, Inc.
NLNK  NewLink Genetics Corp
NWBO       Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.
OPXA  Opexa Therapeutics Inc.
OSIR Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
PSTI          Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.
RENE ReNeuron Group Plc
REPCF       RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. **
STEM  StemCells, Inc.
TNGN Tengion, Inc.
KOOL ThermoGenesis Corp.
TIG           Tigenix NV

** added after original index portfolio was created October 18

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