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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cell Therapy Group & BioBusiness.TV collaborate to bring online coverage of cell therapy content from the 2009 Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy Forum

We are back from the Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy Forum 2009 and we've captured some highlights, which include Lee Buckler's review, some great interviews, brand new Mash Ups, and 60sec Pitches. Take a look!

The BioBusiness.TV Team.

Lee Buckler's Cell Therapy '08 Review and '09 Outlook.

Some of the exciting things we've seen in 2008 are:
  • the involvement of pharma in cell therapy, investing like they haven't before, developing cell therapy products as drugs, and not just tools (including companies such as Pfizer, GSK, Roche, and Novartis)
  • the number of late stage companies in the sector such as Osiris (see: Osteocel / NuVasis, and Prochymal + Chondrogen / Genzyme deals), Dendreon, and others
  • the financing, partnerships and M&A activity with $400M private equity investment, $100M M&A, and $1.8bn in non-M&A deals.
Some things to watch for in 2009 are:
  • some of the late stage companies (Osiris and Dendrion - i.e. Provenge results in April)
  • the struggling cell therapy companies and how they will find cash (M&A, Government, VC?)
  • the role of the new Obama administration and the public pressure, interest, and enthusiasm for cell therapy.
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Harvard Steps Into the Cell Therapy Funding Gap with a Mission for Academic Research to Get to Patients.
Brock Reeve explains the functioning of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI). The HSCI is looking to make the bedside-to-bench and bench-to-bench loop in a way that is unequaled anywhere, with the university and its 11 affiliated hospitals, drawing resources from the various schools (law, business, government, divinity). Brock tell us about about the HSCI partnership with GSK, as well as the other relationships they are seeking and building at the moment.

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Roche's Vertes on Big Pharma's Interest in Cell Therapy.Alain Vertes of Roche presents the interest of his company in the cell therapy. He highlights the main points of his panel presentation:

1. Cell therapy is not a passing fad
2. Cell are not just transplants, they can also be drugs
3. Paradigm shifting applications for cell therapy
4. Protecting intellectual property
5. Potential for stunning efficacy and low risk of side effects.

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US and EU Regulatory Synergies, and EMEA Committee for Advanced Therapies.
Christopher Bravery comments on the new committee for advanced therapies of the EMEA, and its impact on the development of cell therapy in Europe. Christopher also reflects on the similarity between US and European regulatory environments, and the importance of considering that in planning pivotal studies. He also gives us his definition of Cell Therapy and explains the business of ERA Consulting.

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'Mash UP'. Delegate responses to the following questions:

60sec Pitches

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Alexey said...

thanks Lee,
great videos, very well done!

The first question in mash up didn't clarify the answer to me. People not sure for 100% about definition - some says "cell therapy include tissue engineered products", some - "include cancer vaccines". I think I'd ask in other way - Do you think bone marrow transplantation in hematology is cell therapy?

Lee Buckler said...

Thanks Alex.

I know the MashUps don't really leave one satisfied in terms of giving an answer but that's not really what they were about. They were more about getting the 'man-on-the-street' flavor of what people are thinking...