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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Careers in cell therapy & regenerative medicine

As you will see just below, this post falls under the category of a thinly veiled and somewhat shameless plug which I hope you'll tolerate if I'm transparent about it upfront and I add what may be a little useful commentary along the way.

I won't have to convince "regular" readers of this "irregular" blog that regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing life science sectors.

Given the pace of the industry's growth, the amount of public money being "invested" in the sector, and the general enthusiasm that the science generates, it is no surprise that is increasingly an area of interest for those seeking a new career path.

One commonly held misconception is that career opportunities in the sector are limited largely to those in early-stage research.

While it is true that the industry is still in the nascent stages of commercial development compared to other more mature segments in the broader biopharmaceutical industry, careers in regenerative medicine span the full research and commercial spectrum from pre-clinical to clinical research in both academic and corporate settings, manufacturing, regulatory, quality, operations, logistics, finance, business development, marketing, sales, communications, and executive management.

As has been discussed here in the past, most analysts agree that in 2008 the industry passed the $1 billion mark in annual revenue generated from sale of approved therapeutic products falling under the regenerative medicine category (see here for more in-depth analysis).

Furthermore, most large multinational life science companies are now investing heavily into the sector on the promise that it will revolutionize healthcare in the coming decades.

I believe the 2008 decision by Pfizer to create a substantial new Regenerative Medicine division will be seen as a seminal turning point in corporate perspectives on the industry. Since that point most life sciences have begun investing in regenerative medicine strategies and the trend has even leaked outside of life science to companies such as Google Ventures which has informally identified regenerative medicine as one of their primary areas of interest when looking at companies in which to invest.

Most major universities have now created both academic and research programs dedicated to the emerging field of regenerative medicine such that there is a new class of graduates now emerging in both scientific and commercial disciplines with regenerative medicine as a primary focus.

However, one of the difficulties with finding a career in regenerative medicine is that it is comprised of what has heretofore been fairly discrete disciplines of stem cell biology, pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, tissue engineering, stem cell transplantation, device technologies, cell therapies, etc.

Furthermore, most recruiters and online job sites have very little experience or focus on the industry making recruiting difficult for positions in regenerative medicine companies or departments. The task is further complicated by the fact that the candidate pool is small and diversely spread over a multitude of disciplines, centers, and a multitude of small companies.

Finally there are only now emerging industry publications, organizations, online communities, and websites that truly represent the broad spectrum of regenerative medicine and that can be used as central resources for recruiting.

All this is why my partners and I saw the need for an online recruiting tool that really focused on regenerative medicine in a way that would support the industry's maturation. What we wanted to bring was a very simple solution that would create as much value as possible for those looking to recruit the right talent into their regenerative medicine efforts. This was the genesis behind

(here comes the shameless part....)

About RMJ

At, we believe the growth trajectory of this industry requires a specialized, online recruiting system – one that is more than just a website for posting jobs but also plugged into the large and diverse network of associations, publications, and social media that serves this industry. is a specialized online job board focused on recruiting for positions in the rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine. The site is simple to use and focused in scope. But this is more than just another website.

RMJ has developed a sophisticated system designed to leverage our extensive network in RM to ensure every post gets maximum attention and attracts the best candidates.

Traffic is pulled to the site and job postings are pushed to a targeted audience by focused social media and marketing campaigns. This is the latest way to recruit for any position in a regenerative medicine department, division, or company. This is regenerative medicine recruiting with a focus. (RMJ) is a collaboration between CTG Consulting, Co. and Pencilneck Software, Co. The personnel behind this collaboration created Cell Therapy News, Cell Therapy Blog, the LinkedIn Cell Therapy Industry Group, and have produced over a dozen organizational or event-based websites in the cell therapy, stem cell, and regenerative medicine space.

The site has been designed to be simple and intuitive with only one goal in mind: to be the best online tool for recruiting personnel into positions in the regenerative medicine industry.

We don't offer resume posting, career advice, assistance building your CV, hand holding, shoulders to cry on, or job postings outside of regenmed. We believe in the value of specialization.

The site is a listing of regenerative medicine jobs (period). All types of jobs for all types of organizations but only regenmed job (period).

We have only one rule: the jobs posted must be for a position within the regenerative medicine space. We define regenerative medicine as anything involving cell therapy, stem cells as therapies or tools for discovery or toxicity testing, or non-cell based programs/products (e.g., small molecules, biologics, devices, etc) used to replace or regenerate cells, tissues, or organs to restore, repair, or establish normal function.

The site has a topical niche with no regional focus or bias. This is meant to be a global tool equally useful for a company or university in Poland, Taiwan, Brazil, the United States, etc.

The site is also meant to be useful for recruiting any positions scientific or commercial, business or technical, executive or laborer.


We hope you find it useful.

We hope it contributes to the industry's growth and maturation.

We hope you will provide us feedback on what we're doing well and what we can do better.