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About Us

Lee Buckler is the founder and managing director of Cell Therapy Group – a leading, boutique consultancy focused on the cell therapy and regenerative medicine industry.

Through CTG Lee works with companies of all sizes to help position them in the cell therapy regenerative medicine space by focusing on business development including strategy development, competitive intelligence, market research and analysis, deal-making, marketing and communications, profile-building, sale-lead generation, etc.

The core value Lee brings to CTG and its clients is a rare breadth of understanding of the entire spectrum of the cell therapy and regenmed industries primarily around who is doing what with whom.  This knowledge of the industry players, what they have, and with whom they are working is both driven by and drives his proprietary industry database.  Additionally, Lee leverages for his clients the relationships he has with executives in many of those companies.   

Since early 2000, Lee has been an executive in the cell therapy regenerative medicine industry. He has significant experience in both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations including Progenitor Cell Therapy, Malachite Management, Stem Cell Technologies, and the International Society for Cellular Therapy. 

Before transitioning to biotech, Lee earned a law degree (cum laude) and was a practicing commercial attorney for several years.

Lee founded Cell Therapy News, created Cell Therapy Blog where he continues to blog, and serves on the Editorial Board of the journals BioProcess International and Regenerative Medicine.  Lee founded and served as Chair of ISCT's Cell Therapy Commercialization Committee (2006-9), founded and administers the LinkedIn Cell Therapy Industry Group, and has served as an advisor to dozens of groups and projects in the regenerative medicine space.  He is a frequently invited speaker and moderator at conferences in the industry.

Recent publications include a book chapter entitled, “State of the Regenerative Medicine Industry” in The Delivery of Regenerative Medicines and Their Impact on Healthcare (CRC Press) and “Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine: The Global Industry and Market Trends”  in BioProcess International, March 2011 Supplement.