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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clinical trial costs

Based on a survey* of 21 drug makers, 12 biotechs, nine device makers and 23 contract research organizations, PharmaLot has recently published the following metrics for current clinical trial costs (see full article here)

Average per-patient trial costs across all therapeutic areas:

Phase I: $21,883
Phase II: $36,070
Phase IIIa: $47,523
Phase IIIb: $47,095
Phase IV: $17,042

Average cost per patient for a cardiovascular trial:

Phase II: $33,700
Phase IIIa: $21,750
Phase IIIb: $6,830

In oncology, the average per patient trial cost:

Phase II: $73,303
Phase IIIa: $57,207
Phase IIIb: $65,900

For central nervous system disorders:

Phase II: $28,197
Phase IIIa: $33,768
Phase IIIb: $41,824

For diabetes:

Phase II: $ 8,854
Phase IIIa: $12,667
Phase IIIb: $10,700

Anyone have any thoughts or data as to how this compares to cell therapy trials?


*survey conducted by Cutting Edge Information.


Lee Buckler said...

FYI, I just received the following comment by email from a well-respected life science executive with large company cell therapy experience:

"The trial costs from the hospital perspective should be similar for cell therapy. The only difference would be the COGs for the cell production compared to the production of the drug. That may be a bit higher in some cases. But not as much as you would think especially compared to a small biologics production scale."

Ashish said...

Hi Lee,

Firstly, allow me to congratulate you on this blog. It's terrific.

One thing I would like to point out in this post is that these metrics are not from Pharmalot. As you mentioned, the survey was done by CEI and also analyzed by them.


Ashish said...
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Sally Hassan said...

Hi Lee,

Many thanks for adding this information about clinical trial costs. Could you please let me know what the original source is? I tried to click the Link above that says PharmaLot but it doesnt seem to be working at the moment.

Many thanks,