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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Regenerative Medicine / Cell Therapy at Biotech Showcase 2014


As many of you know, during the week of January 13, healthcare and life science executives meet investors in San Francisco for a flurry of conferences, meetings, parties, and general mayhem.  

The EBD Biotech Showcase is one of several events taking place that week and it the one of particular interest to us because it has the most concentrated focus on regenerative medicine and cell therapy companies.  The full list of presenting companies is here. For those of you on Twitter, follow #BTS14.

We've gone through and picked out the regenerative medicine and cell therapy content.

Sponsored by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, the 4th annual Regenerative Medicine Industry Briefing kicks off the meeting at 8 am on Monday morning (Jan 13th) .  This year it is in the big plenary room and it promises to be the best yet.  Invite your friends, investors, partners, and media contacts.

We spotted the following 29 companies scheduled to present at various times as shown on the schedule spanning Monday through Wednesday:

Advanced Cell Technology
Bone Therapeutics
Cell Medica
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services
Cytori Therapeutics
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology
International Stem Cell
Kiadis Pharma
Northwest Biotherapeutics
Q Therapeutics
RepliCel Life Sciences
TVAX Biomedical

Because it is a full schedule with 4 concurrent tracks, we made our own schedule of regenerative medicine and cell therapy presentations. In case it is useful, we provide it here for you to download and use.  

2014 EBD Biotech Showcase Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Presentation Schedule (PDF)*
    This schedule is sponsored by

* We can't promise we didn't miss a company, screw up the schedule somehow, or that EBD might not change things between now and the event.  You should really check this against the EBD program and please... rely on this resource in your discretion


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